1.  Extract from the public audition in Palazzo Comunale, Cremona (IT), 2011


2.  View of the lecture in CRAC’s spaces, Cremona (IT), 2011



Un Monumento per Stradivari
A Monument to Stradivari
Living monument
Work in progress



Palazzo Comunale holds the most important collection of string musical instruments ever known; every instrument there exhibited, has been part of the national and International history of violin making, born and developed in Cremona, Antonio Stradivari's hometown. Since thirty years the eleven violins exposed in Palazzo Comunale are daily tuned for one hour, from 8 am to 9 am, by Andrea Mosconi, who's in charge to maintain their ‘voice’ in a perfect state. This event happens within the rooms of Palazzo Comunale, usually not in a public way, and just sometimes few people have the possibility to enjoy it. After had met Andrea Mosconi, I proposed to realize a sound monument. My will is to recognize this man as a living monument to Stradivari in order to go beyond the traditional idea of monument as a perpetual and timeless object. Andrea Mosconi is the subject that becomes monument that interprets himself. Nor a monument to the music, nor a monument to the violin in general, but rather a monument to these eleven violins of the Hall of Palazzo Comunale, with which he has a intimate and unique relation. Furthermore, the work is conceived to create the occasion of an active partecipation of the spectators to the work. The monument infact exists with the will of the people to recognize it and to make it existent. All the people that collaborate to make the monument alive and visible, even with the voice and the oral transmission, will be considered as coauthor of the work. As the monument is strictly bound to the time of human life, is a limited-time monument. For this  reason, the monument has the necessity and the choise to appoint his successor. The first public presentation of the work took place in January 2011, with a lecture at CRAC – Center of Research for Contemporary Art in Cremona, and a public audition organized for the city, in which Andrea Mosconi performed an original Stradivari. During the lesson in which the intervention was presented, the idea of the work was put in discussion questioning the temporality of the monument and its actual possibility of existence in the city. The exhibition organized in Center of Research for Contemporary Art was concieved as a presentation of ideas, projects, objects and histories, thought as witness born from collaboration with people on the idea of this ephimeral monument in the city. During the month of the show, the contributions of the spectators increased in relation to the answers, in comparison or contrast with the suggestions and queries that this piece was questioning.