1. Critique Session, 4K Film, Color/Sound, 31', 2015
Text-film thought as restitution of the first workshop of Critique Session 


Can the space of the critique become a space for narration or for other types of practices that are not used merely to determine the quality of a work of art?

Critique Session is a scripted performance in the form of a workshop based on a discussion around a work of art. The performance includes all the members of the audience reading a script together, which makes everyone both performer and audience. The script is composed around a work of art that does not exist. Through their words, the audience have the tension of imagining what this work could be. And because there is no visible work, their words and actions become the central focus. The script plays with cliché speech forms and combines memories of previous discussions. Through this fictionalized, embodied experience, the workshop questions the unexplored side of what alternative critique session could become.

Each performance is conceived specifically for each workshop, combining specific elements from the context into the script. Critique Session explores this creative space as a collective stage for experimentation.




In Collaboration with: David Bernstein

Special Thanks to: Giorgio Fasol, AGI Verona Collection

With the support of: Villa e Collezione Panza - FAI (Varese), CAC - Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius, Mondriaan Fund (Amsterdam), ALA Group - Accademia Libera della Arti, Lithuanian Ministry of Culture


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