1. I, the Dog of my Master, Animation 1'58'' (Loop), 2006-2008


2. Selected frame from the animation - Frame nr. 10055-10066 


3. Selected frame from the animation - Frame nr. 11337-11338  
Courtesy of Daniel Sager and Brian McCarthy 


Io, il Cane del mio Padrone
I, the Dog of my Master
1’58’’ (loop)



I, the Dog of my Master is an animation that takes as reference a video I shot following a dog throughout the course of a day. I have retraced each frame constituting that video, over a period of two years.
The animation is composed by 2009 drawings b/w traced by hand (25 drawings for second).


With the support of Wislawa Szymborska Foundation - Krakow:

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