1. Exhibiton view, 9th Edition of Furla Award - 'Add Fire', Bologna (2013)
photo Dario Lasagni, Courtesy Furla Foundation



On the Trail of a Hidden Symbol
News in Novosti Daily Newspaper (Belgrade)



In 2006 I found a peculiar symbol in the Army Museum of Belgrade (Kalemegdan), both engraved on the museum’s external walls as well as in the underground tunnels of the city. After asking several experts, including the museum director, about its possible meaning to no avail, I decided to invent a fake news item to be published in a newspaper in order to share this unknown symbol with the public. Pretending to be an Italian spelaeologist, I went to the head offices of some local daily newspapers, showing them fake documents such as certification from the Kalemegdan, modified books on the history of Belgrade and some photomontages of myself as a spelaeologist in the depths of the city. The Newspaper Novosti believed me and approved publication of the article.