1. Processing Authorities (ACT II) - Making of replicas, Studio view in WIELS, Brussels, 2014 

2. Processing Authorities (ACT II) - Making of replicas, Studio view in WIELS, Brussels, 2014

3. Processing Authorities (ACT II) - Making of replicas, Studio view in WIELS, Brussels, 2014


Processing Authorities (ACT II)
In collaboration with the International Institute of Social History - Amsterdam (IISH), Mondriaan Fonds and WIELS Brussels


Processing Authorities (ACT II)
 consists of an accurate process of reproduction of the gavels, subject of the work, allowing for a reconsideration of their meaning and their repositioning within today’s cultural landscape. As part of the artistic process and observation of shapes, histories and potentiality of these gavels, I’ve made replicas of the original objects to let them visible and usable again outside of the IISH´s Archive. After their remaking they can exist as ‘new originals’ and as a collection of group of voices, communities, of struggles for rights, revolutionary moments and utopian visions ready to be thought, seen and discussed again in their paradoxical aspects of decision-making objects - even in their silence. Remaking these objects it’s been a process of appropriation thanks to which this group of gavels will be put in discussion, collaborating to create an Atlas on decisional making processes in the contemporary culture. Showing these particular objects and writing about them, making their actions public, inscribes them in a discourse that turns them into authority figures - which is completely against their nature. Yet it is in this way only that the contradictions and characteristics these gavels embody can emerge: they become weapons, staged through a combination of investigation and actions questioning their forms of power.









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