1. The Spectacle of Disappearing Money, Documentation of the performance, Paris 2012 


2. Exhibition view in Palais de Tokyo (Paris), The Real Thing?, 2013  


The Spectacle of Disappearing Money
Each exercise: between 5 and 10 minutes


The Spectacle of Disappearing Money is an exercise in which I show an audience how to make a coin disappear. During the exercise I explain the trick in gestures. The spectacle takes place without sound, so to avoid any elements of suggestion. The trick is filmed with a camera and projected in real time onto the back wall of the room, so that the public might better focus on the hand movements and focus their attention on the coin. The difference between the trick as shown in the video and the same trick shown in reality becomes clear when the viewer examines both of them while the exercise is taking place. Indeed, while the trick appears to be a success on the screen, it is at the same time clearly a failure when seen from the audience’s point of view sitting in front of me, as they can see all the mistakes made during the action.

The Spectacle of Disappearing Money is an action conceived as parallel 'note' to the film Speculative Speeches (Workers of the World - Relax).