1. Installation view Neon Gallery, Bologna (IT)


2. Installation view Neon Gallery, Bologna (IT)


3. Documentation of the action


Lo Stato delle Cose
The State of Things
Bowling ball
D 23 cm



Lo Stato delle Cose is an intervention performed in the exhibition’s space for which it is intended. After sending the bowling ball to the exhibition address, I go there and, with repeated percussion against the ground, I break the sphere. In this way an initial equilibrium's state breaks. The bowling ball seems to have a perfectly balanced shape; indeed it contains a balancer called 'heart' - each ball has a different balancer, which doesn't allow the ball to hold a straight line. The ball is specially created for the pitcher to correct these internal imperfections through the exercise of different directional effects, which permit the ball to assume its possible directions. The intervention borrows its title from the 1982 Wim Wenders’ ' Der Stand der Dinge'  and in doing so aims to open up the object onto a filmic narrative that brings with it a tension linked to a broken symbolic object of the American culture.