1. Extract from Book 0001, Glues found as industrial wastes


2. Extract from Book 0001, Glues found as industrial wastes


Untitled (Glue)
Mixed media
Variable dimentions
Work in progress



Untitled (Glue) is a work in progress that focuses its subject on a collection of forms of glue - which I’m observing and cataloguing since some years - recovered as waste materials from industrial machineries. The work is a process of definition of an object, through a group of fragments that characterizes and describes it. It is a reverse process that doesn’t develop from the research to the creation of an object but from the object, already existing and found, to the research and the studies determined by the relations that these forms sets off in terms of formal proliferations and contents, strictly bound to the industrial process of production. In the exhibitive moment, these glues - characterized by a strongly sculptural presence – are presented as central core of the process within all materials I’m creating around them. To reproduce and study these forms of glue, since some years I’m recovering scrap materials from industrial production to realize machines able to generate forms of glue in huge dimention. My intention is to continue to observe and study these glues as errors of a system of production, but reversing the relation between the product and the system that produces it. In order to create my own method of cataloguing, the documentation and the archiviation of these forms of glue created by machines, takes the shape of books, put together combining different images of glues printed on sheets of different thickness and type. When the dimentions of the glues overcome a certain size, their images are presented on wall or on different supports. During an exhibition, books are displayed on tables specifically created for this collection and projected to display an archive composed of images, notes, drawings and projects regarding the research around these forms and their process of creation. As in the nature of the material of the collection, this work will change, every time it will be exhibit, in relation to the space in which it will be installed, adapting to it.