Altered Atlas (Downsizing), Computer Generated Image reconstructed from memory, 2019

Altered Atlas (Skies – Fighter Aircrafts Militaire Luchtvaart F14 Aviation), Computer Generated Image reconstructed from memory,  2019

Altered Atlas (Shadowing Governments), Computer Generated Image reconstructed from memory, 2017

Diego Tonus
Altered Atlas
Computer Generated Images reconstructed from memory
Open series
2017 – Ongoing


Altered Atlas is a series of Computer Generated Images (CGI) investigating modalities of production and manipulation of images nowadays and how they are structured in the language of advertisement to commodify objects, spaces, behaviors, and experiences: as a constructed panorama conceived to be quickly perceived and consumed by viewers every day.

The work centers on the production of images completely realized using CGI 3D computer rendering techniques to entirely re-enact by memory existing advertisements that I have previously seen in city posters, magazines, and banners. In this process of remembrance, some elements are inevitably lost or transformed. The resulting images constitute a collection of altered digital photographic images filtered and modified by memory, whose non-intentional errors, omissions, and imperfections often let emerge elements of manipulation present in the original images. The ongoing series questions representational spaces (i.e., landscapes, skies, and architectures), goods (i.e., food, cosmetics, body treatments), technology, development, and economy of resources in the spatial practice of neo-capitalism and how they get used by specific companies (i.e., banks, airlines, telecommunication, food chains, fashion brands) to construct their corporate identities while influencing behavioral attitudes, modalities of time investment, announcing warnings and quality products.


The different chapters of the ongoing series Altered Atlas will define a growing archive of altered digital images completely re-constructed with 3d sculptural and image-making processes.


Altered Atlas and its concept are registered idea © Diego Tonus Studio 2021