From State To State, The physical archive, 2006-2022

From State To State, Detail physical archive, CRATE #1 (2006-2009)

From State To State, Selected custom archival folder (2010)

From State To State, Selected custom archival folder (2013)




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Digital archive in

From State To State

Mobile archive
Ticket collection (more than 3000 tickets), metal frames, archival folders, wooden crates and website
Crate dimensions 110 x 82 x 52 cm each
On-going (2006-2022)
CSAC Parma Permanent Collection
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds
PAC2021 Award promoted by DGCC of the Italian Ministry of Culture


I have been collecting tickets of all my trips for over 17 years. Plane, bus, tram, metro, taxi, train, boat, ship, van, car, bike, wander. Whilst being the recollection of nomadic movements and dynamic situations of thought in which ideas were conceived and shared with an intellectual community, this archive is the record of all my movements, costs, carbon footprint (CO2 produced), hours invested in traveling and the testimony of how an individual movement could affect a collective environment (both physically and intellectually). As in an obsessive gesture, I started collecting them in 2006 – the first year in which I started conceiving my artistic projects – and they have become parallel notes to my ideas and investigations. From State To State is both the visual testimony of apparent freedom/possibility of movement in between borders and the visualization of the collective experience of constant surveillance and control applied on an individual. From State To State is a mobile archive conceived as a political portrait and it exists both as a digital and as a physical archive installed in the exhibition space.


The digital archive is published at:


This website is the digital record of all my movements from State to State up to now (on-going). This archive exists in parallel to the physical archive I realized to store them according to a personal method of archiving following a chronological order. Together with all the tickets of my archive, this website presents empty spaces as the record of those movements that were not registered and that are related to different forms of wandering, secret encounters and meetings which acquire relevance and importance as the tickets themselves.


The physical archive differs from the digital; it is a mobile and expandable archive that is installed in the exhibition space in the form of suspended archival files appositely designed and stored within a custom transportation crate. These custom files will travel within the crate and will move in between exhibitions, collecting stamps and signs of their trips layering in time on the archival crate, and underlining the transportation moment as part of the work itself. These time capsules conceived as a self-portrait will travel also to places I have never physically been and will be transported following environmental thinking.


The selection 2006-2022 entered CSAC Parma permanent Collection and Archives thanks to the PAC2021 Award promoted by Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.