Link to the web archive of From State to State


Selected ticket from the collection From State to State, Venice – Muenster, 21 June 2007

Perview of the digital archive in www.fromstatetostate.org

Perview of the digital archive in www.fromstatetostate.org

From State to State
2020 ongoing
Tickets’ archive
Variable dimensions (More than 3000 tickets)



I have been collecting tickets of all my trips for over 15 years. Plane, bus, tram, metro, taxi, train, boat etc.
Whilst being the recollection of nomadic movements and dynamic situations of thought in which ideas were conceived, this archive is the record of all my movements and the testimony of the control applied to track and follow an individual. As in an obsessive gesture, I started collecting them in 2006 – the first year in which I started conceiving my artistic projects – and they have become parallel notes to my ideas and investigations.
From State to State is both the visual testimony of apparent freedom/possibility of movement in between borders and the visualization of the collective experience of constant surveillance exercised on a subject.


What does movement imply? When does a trip starts or ends? More importantly, what about all the other forms of wandering that cannot be registered and yet happened? This archive is conceived to shed light on all these moments that formed my ideas.


The website www.fromstatetostate.org is the digital record of all my movements from State to State up to now. This archive will exist in parallel to the physical archive I am realizing to store them according to a personal method of archiving.