The Cheater, Installation view within the 16th Rome Quadrennial, 2016
Photo Okno Studio, Courtesy Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma

The Cheater, found picture – Anonymous author, Italy – 1930s

The Cheater
Print on striped curtain
450×310 cm
Found picture – Anonymous author, Italy – 1930s


The Cheater, title given by the artist to a found picture by anonymous author, is a curtain that defines the entrance of an exhibition space in which it is installed. The image, portraying a gambler in the act of gambling (hiding the cards on his leg), dervies from a negative that was developed for the first time in the form of this curtain and becomes an object dividing an indoor from an outdoor. Unique entrance to the exhibition space, The Cheater alludes to a deception. It affects everything standing behind it and everyone passing through it.