2020 UPCOMING Presentation of Topography of Terror (19.12.2016) (curated by Gareth Evans), Whitechapel Gallery London (UK)

2019 Fragments of a Conversation with a Counterfeiter (curated by Huib Haye van der Werf), STROOM Den Haag and Van Eyck Maastricht (NL)

2018 Processing Authorities – ACT III (curated by Lorenzo Benedetti) in collaboration with the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

2018  The Added Value at Ellen de Bruijne Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

2017   Topography of Terror (19.12.2016), Two persons exhibition with artist Elisa Caldana, ar/ge Kunst – Kunstverein Bolzano, (curated by Emanuele Guidi)

2015   Five Cases of Intrusion, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam (NL)

2013   Processing Authorities – ACT I, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam (NL)

2013   Residenti, Villa e Collezione Panza, FAI – Villa Panza di Biumo, Varese (IT)

2011  Hour of the Wolf, Film projection at Danish Pavilion – Giardini Biennale, Venice (IT)